Pixel Gun 3D Hack Android and iOS hack for unlimited Gems & Coins!

Gems & Coins Hack

Get unlimited Pixel Gun 3D Gems & Coins!

Hey player, we are honored to indroduce you the freshiest project of our team - Pixel Gun 3D Hack (2018 Official). Instead of wasting hours and sometimes days trying to reach high position in the game, use our hacked coins & points to fast-track ahead. 

We have to inform you that this project is currently running beta version and every day our generator is dealing with high flow of users, so we suggest you to make breaks between using hack at least several minutes. We are very happy to see so much happy custumers and we try to do our best. Remember, updates every day at 12pm. American time, have a nice game!

Watch the how-to video!


Pixel Gun 3D Hack

Fill out the form below and click the "Apply Hack" button. The selected amount of Gems and Coins will then be added to your account. You then only need to restart the Pixel Gun 3D application and re-login to your account!

You can also use the Pixel Gun 3D hack for your Friends!
Note: Check the "Use Proxy" Mode to ensure 100% safety.

Have you ever wondered how some players are so good at Pixel Gun 3D? How they manage to conquer the top of the leaderboard all the time? There is an answer to these questions. And finally, you will know it too. You are really lucky you found us because now you will be able to step up your Pixel Gun 3D gameplay with this hack!

We put tons of effort to create as simple hack as possible, nevertheless, we will explain the whole process here for maximum clarity.

First of all, find out your Player ID. It can be found in Pixel Gun 3D app, your profile section, at the bottom of the screen (written in numbers). Example: 140294648. If you were not able to find your player ID, try to use your username (like in the video above). It might be more difficult to generate your requested resources with your username because there is a chance that there will be other players with similar usernames using Pixel Gun 3D.

Secondly, select your platform. The generator must know what device - Android, iOS or Windows Phone you are using.

Then choose the number of resources you would like to receive. You could get only up to 3600 gems and up to 6000 coins at one. Because this is the maximum amount you could buy in the game. Turn on proxy for 100% safety and press „Apply Hack“ and complete human verification process. We are really sorry for that, but we had to make this security system in order to make our hack safe to use. Because if the harmful software could get into our software code, hack itself could be harmful for our users. And of course, we don‘t want that. Thanks for your understanding. (Now Pixel Gun 3D Hack is 100% safe.)

That's it - spend your Pixel Gun 3D resources the way you like - you are a millionaire now!

Also, we should warn you that sometimes due to big traffic or security reasons hack can now work. It usually works 7 times out of 10. So if you have problems, simply repeat the process at least several times and eventually you will succeed. Visit our youtube video and take a look how many people succeeded using our hack.

So thank you for your time, and if you have questions, simply leave them below our YouTube video, we will answer them all!

Have a good Pixel Gun 3D game!